About Me
Art has been a life long journey for me starting with a desire to draw a rose that was in my mother's garden books, to my desire to animate for Walt Disney, through finding the masters including, "The complete works of Davinci" at the library. I studied briefly at Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design and in the Graphic Arts program. Since then I have been self taught and self-employed.

My art has been in juried art shows across Southern Ontario and is now hanging in homes in 5 countries.

I have curated two local galleries and run many community shows. 

My commissions have been numerous including tatoos, album designs for the band "Brighton Beach" in England and a series of six paintings for a church titled "Heros of Faith" which required a three foot by six foot painting be completed each week and many others. 

My medias are pencil, acrylics, watercolour, ink and marker.
I have also dabbled in mixed media and pencil crayon. 

I am adventurous in subject matter and will accept most challenges set before me. 
Currently I am working on a series of pictures dealing with the healing process of an abused woman.
I am known for fluid lines, brilliant colours and the stories that are incorporated in my imagery.

All this being said my journey has been a thrilling roller coaster ride. I have encountered many people who have encouraged and supported me. I however would not be where I am today in my career without the love of my family who when I falter they pick me up, dust me off and cheer me on.
For that I say thank you to them all.